FLY WOMEN - Inspiring Young Women to Soar

Less than 7% of commercial pilots and 3% of aircraft maintenance technicians in the U.S. are women. This staggeringly low percentage was the inspiration around JetBlue’s Fly Like a Girl event, hosted by the JetBlue Foundation, as well as JetBlue’s Diversity & Inclusion department and its Women in Flight crewmember resource group. The event invited more than 75 girls, ages 8 to 12, to meet a cross-section of JetBlue crewmembers— all women.

Daughters, sisters and extended family of JetBlue crewmembers, as well as local students and community partners saw first-hand what it’s like to work in aviation. At JetBlue’s Hangar, the girls rotated between three sessions, with crewmembers who offering insight into each of their roles: In the Air (Inflight & Flight Operations), On the Ground (Tech Ops) and In Between (Support Center). The wide-eyed attendees were even able to board an Airbus 321 aircraft, aptly named “Mint to Soar”. Once onboard the A321, the attendees got to partake in a crewmember Q&A, engine “show and tell” and even hop into the Captain’s seat.

Ashley, a local Scout said, “My favorite part was seeing that women can do anything, and that’s it’s not always about the men. One of the points is that women can be pilots.”
Going into its third year, Fly Like a Girl is one of several events hosted by the JetBlue Foundation motivated by the underlying idea that seeing is believing. By challenging the preconception and showing girls visible pathways to real careers, the Foundation works to spark a passion in STEM to eventually foster thriving careers in aviation.

“I feel inspired,” said Kimberly McCommon, a First Office at JetBlue . “I feel like I’m doing the job that was presented to me because I know there are not that many women in aviation. The fact that these girls can see me and know they can aspire to do what I do—that excites me and makes me happy… I fly like a girl and so can you.”


Fly Like a Girl


JetBlue’s JFK Hangar


JetBlue Foundation Annual Event


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