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Our future will be built by you: the brightest and most diverse students of today.

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What We Do

The JetBlue Foundation is committed to championing diversity in STEM education and creating career pathways for the next generation in aviation.

We invest in students from diverse backgrounds to create a lifelong interest in STEM.

We partner with organizations and communities to provide access to STEM programs.

We create equal opportunities 
for all students to spark a passion for STEM.

We build a more diverse talent pipeline for the aviation industry.

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Education Isn’t Always Top of Mind After Natural Disasters, But It Should Be

When natural disasters strike, people and corporations are generous, donating millions of dollars worth of food, medicines and other needed supplies. But often, in the urgency to address immediate life-threatening realities, the long-term needs of rebuilding communities are overlooked. JetBlue and the JetBlue Foundation have invested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education programs on the island for many years, as part of their focus on building a more diverse pipeline for the aviation industry.


Aviation High School Host "Sky Blue" Day

In a separate event related to National STEM Day, Aviation High School hosted a “Sky Blue” day with eight Crewmember volunteers from Tech Ops and JetBlue Foundation Ambassadors, who spoke at a student-led career panel in collaboration with Women In Aviation’s Aviation H.S. Chapter. More than 40 students participated, and JetBlue volunteers toured the school after the panel, to check out the facilities and meet with students in various experiential shop classes.


Celebrating National STEM Day with Our Grantees!

November 8 was National STEM Day, a day focused on inspiring young people to explore and pursue careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math—and the JetBlue Foundation participated in a fantastic event with its grantee partners to commemorate the day.

At LSC, JetBlue hosted 18 students and two professors from the InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico Bayamón for a day-long program in which Crewmembers presented talks on different aspects of our operation. There were discussions about revenue management, air traffic control and fuel planning; a tour of the SOC; lunch and more.


Diversifying the Aviation Industry Through STEM Partnerships

The JetBlue Foundation say they’re leading the charge to build a more diverse talent pipeline for the aviation industry, in partnership with groups like the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP). The JetBlue Foundation and OBAP hosted seven ACE Academy programs last summer. Many previous ACE alumni have gone on to land coveted internships with JetBlue and other corporate partners, some of which led to full-time careers.


The JetBlue Foundation Aims to Inspire Girls to Pursue Aviation Careers

Less than 3% of aircraft technicians and 7% of airline pilots are women, but we’re out to change those numbers for good. We invited young girls to our ‘Fly Like a Girl’ event in BOS to learn about some of the many exciting careers in aviation. Our Female pilots, mechanics, and flight attendants greeted more than 40 girls ages 6-17 with a first-class glance at what it’s like to be a woman in aviation.


Driving Interest in STEM

The JetBlue Foundation are key mentoring partners. Hundreds of JetBlue crew members are alumni of Aviation High School, and now they’re paying it forward by regularly volunteering as student mentors and sponsoring field trips to New York airports