Celebrating Black History Month & National Science Day

In celebration of Black History Month and National Science day on February 28th, we’re proud to highlight two of our partners that are creating opportunities for Black youth in STEM and Aviation. In line with our mission to continue to diversify our industry, these partners have unique programs that allow young people the opportunity to learn about careers in STEM and Aviation.

Tools & Tiaras (T&T)

Tools & Tiaras Inc is committed to advancing the interest of young girls and women who want to pursue non-traditional careers. T&T motivate young girls and women who dream of having a career in the male-dominated construction industry, encouraging young girls and women already in the field to expand their horizon and set them on a path to the peak of their careers. Last year T&T hosted a virtual event featuring a JetBlue female pilot. To learn more about T&T’s programs, visit their website.

Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP)

OBAP inspires excellence and provides opportunities in aerospace by supporting, transforming, educating, and mentoring their members and communities. JetBlue has a long-standing partnership with OBAP and the JetBlue Foundation has supported seven of their Aerospace Career Education Academies to expose High School students to careers in Aviation. To learn more about OBAP’s programs, visit their website.




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